Sons of Norway is the largest Norwegian organization outside of Norway, with approximately 60,000 members and 330 lodges in the U.S., Canada, and Norway (as of 2022). A conscious effort is made to build on the past while focusing on contemporary Norwegian-American lifestyles. Sons of Norway lodge activities encourage expression of Norwegian culture and community concern.

Sons of Norway misjon er å samtidig tilby de beste forsikrings og finansprodukter til våre medlemme, fremme og ivareta norske kulturtradisjoner, og feire vårt forhold til andre nordiske land.

The mission of Sons of Norway is to provide quality insurance and financial products to our members, promote and preserve the heritage and culture of Norway, and to celebrate our relationship with other nordic countries.

Cultural Skills Program

The Culutral Skills Program encourages active participation in traditional and contemporary Norwegian-American pursuits. Besides enriching the lives of members of all ages, it provides a basis for special interest groups within lodges. Skills may be pursued through the lodge or individually.


Several Colorado lodges have offered cultural skills programs. The Websites page provides links to access other lodge's websites for current information about their cultural skill offerings.


Sons of Norway offers the following cultural skills:

Traditional Norwegian Cooking


Collectiong Norwegian and North American Stamps

Norwegian Rosemaling

Genealogy -- Family History


Norwegian Language and Culture

Hardanger Embroidery

Figure Carving (Norwegian Motif)


Ornamental Woodcarving (Norwegian Relief Style)

Chip Carving

Folk Dancing

Music and Musicians of Norway


Youth Cultural Skills include: Norwegian and North American Stamps, Knitting, Hardanger Embroidery, Figure Carving, and Folk Dancing.


Sports Medals Program

The Sports Medals Program is a way for members, regardless of their age or ability, to stay fit and active while sharing their enthusiasm for the Norwegian tradition of friluftsliv (outdoor life).


Each sport listed has five levels of achievement: Bronza, Silver, Gold, Enamel, and Idrettshelt (sports hero). If you have earned the bronze, silver, gold, and enamel medals in any three sports medal categories, you are eligible for the Hederspris (outstanding achievement) award.


Gangmerke (Walking Medal) -- indoor and/or outdoor walking

Idrettsmerke (Sports and Fitness Medal) -- your choice of various activities

Skimerke (Skiing Medal) -- cross-country skiing

Svømmemerke (Swimming Medal) -- swimming using any stroke

Sykkelmerke (Bicycling Medal) -- bicycling for fitness, recreation, transportation,    or competition


Any sport or activity can be accommodated -- if you do not see your desired sport/activity listed, consult with the lodge's sports director.


Virtual Pilgrimage

Norway's pilgrims walked The Pilgrim's Route, also called St. Olav's Way or Kongsveien (Old King's Road). Members walk at home and follow the pilgrims' journeys online, learning about historic landmarks and tourist destinations along the route. After 387 miles of walking, the journey finishes at Nidaros Cathedral in Trondheim, Norway.