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Cultural Skills

The Cultural Skills Program encourages active participation in traditional and contemporary Norwegian-American pursuits.  Besides enriching the lives of members of all ages, it provides a basis for special interest groups within lodges. Skills may be pursued through the lodge or individually.

Several Colorado lodges have offered cultural skills programs, including Norwegian Language (Stein Fjell, Trollheim), and Rosemaling (Fjellheim, Storfjell, and Trollheim). Our lodge currently has Genealogy, Hardanger Embroidery, and Woodcarving groups. Trollheim has a choir. The Links page provides access to other lodge’s websites for current information about their cultural skill offerings.

Sons of Norway offers the following cultural skills (under Resources in the Members’ section of the Sons of Norway website). Youth Cultural Skills include Norwegian and North American Stamps, Knitting, Hardanger Embroidery, Figure Carving, and Folk Dancing.                                                                         

Traditional Norwegian Cooking


Collecting Norwegian and North American Stamps

Norwegian Rosemaling

Genealogy – Family History


Norwegian Language and Culture

Hardanger Embroidery

Figure Carving (Norwegian Motif)


Ornamental Woodcarving (Norwegian Relief Style)

Chip Carving

Folk Dancing

Music and Musicians of Norway

31. Figure Carving

32. Handknitting

33. Norwegian and North American Stamps

34. Hardanger Embroidery

Rosemaling offered by other colorado lodges – Storfjell, Colo S, +?, language classes, Trollheim choir

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